The Sudoku Solver Helper Program
Are you sometimes frustrated by a tricky Sudoku puzzle and want some help solving it? Or maybe you are new to solving Sudoku puzzles and would like some tips on how to to solve them.
Would you like a supply of good quality puzzles at different levels of difficulty.
In any event Sudoku Solver can help you. It can show you how to solve even the most tricky puzzles. You can either:
  • Set an endless supply of puzzles for you
  • Watch it explain the soltion step by step
  • Play puzzles on-line with helper features
  • Print and play puzzles on paper
  • Just solve it to prove there is a solution and check your progress or answers
Solving Sudoku Puzzles
To get tips on Solving Sudoku puzzles, try out our Solving Sudoku Guide. Once you have mastered these techniques you will be able to solve any puzzles.
New version available shortly
The web version of SudokuSolver is no longer available.  A new version will be published shortly which can be downloaded and installed on your PC providing an improved experience.
Please check back in a couple of weeks when version 2 will be published.